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Zaloni to Showcase Data Governance Platform at Eckerson Group CDO TechVent on April 26

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With Zaloni’s upcoming participation in CDO TechVent, we look forward to helping data teams understand how we can support and accelerate their data governance journey with our Zaloni Arena platform. – Michele Reister, Vice President of Marketing, Zaloni

On April 26, 2022, Eckerson Group and Zaloni™ will host a virtual event focused on data governance platforms.

“Data governance technology is converging,” said Wayne Eckerson, president of Eckerson Group and moderator of the event. In the past, organizations purchased data governance features from different vendors, but today they can get all the data governance features they need from a single vendor. “There is now a race between vendors to offer full support for all data governance features on a single platform,” he adds.

The TechVent CDO is a half-day virtual event designed to help data leaders accelerate the process of evaluating and selecting emerging technologies and products and learning best practices for implementing them.

“It is often difficult for companies to identify the products that are best suited for their unique use cases as technological innovation accelerates and more products are launched,” says Michele Reister, vice president of the marketing at Zaloni. “With Zaloni’s upcoming participation in CDO TechVent, we look forward to helping data teams understand how we can support and accelerate their data governance journey with our Zaloni Arena platform.”


The half-day event includes a keynote, “How to Succeed with Data Governance and Choosing the Right Tools,” by Sean Hewitt and Josh Reid, senior consultants at Eckerson Group. It will then feature a technology panel from leading data governance platform vendors and include Zaloni CTO Ashwin Nayak. Panelists will discuss “How to Evaluate and Select a Data Governance Platform”. This is followed by small group discussions among attendees, hosted by the event sponsor. The event will conclude with a digital reception where speakers will summarize key takeaways and answer questions from the audience.

Eckerson Group organizes three times a year CDO TechVent events on different emerging technologies. The inaugural event focused on data catalogs. Themes for 2022 include data observability and data sharing. Registration is now open for the April 26 event dedicated to data governance platforms.

About Zaloni

At Zaloni, we believe in the power of data. Our intelligent governance and observability software, the Zaloni Arena Data Governance Platform, quickly and securely delivers trusted data for advanced analytics and AI/ML use cases. Zaloni Arena brings efficiency to complex data environments with an intelligent and collaborative data catalog, automated governance, and unified observability to reduce IT costs and accelerate time to insight. We work with the world’s largest enterprises, delivering trusted data through a governance platform that enhances and protects enterprise data assets. To find out more visit

About the Eckerson Group

Eckerson Group is a global research, advisory and consulting firm that helps organizations get the most out of data. Our experts think critically, write clearly, and present data analysis compellingly. They specialize in data strategy, data architecture, self-service analytics, master data management, data governance, and data science. Organizations rely on them to demystify data and analytics and develop business-driven strategies that harness the power of data. Eckerson Group owns and operates the Industry Data Benchmarks program and the Rate My Data benchmarking platform.

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