The Five Best Online Data Governance Courses

The phrase data governanceis used at macro and micro levels. The former is a political idea that plays a role in global politics and internet governance. In contrast, the latter is a data management idea that plays a role in the governance of business data.

Understanding innovative data and ensuring it is risk-free while producing insights are part of data governance processes. To ensure safe AI in the future, it is becoming increasingly crucial for data scientists and business leaders to master data governance frameworks and methods. The best data governance courses for beginners and experts are listed in this article.

Data management includes data governance. Although most of the courses listed here don’t cover data management, enthusiasts can check out Full Stack Deep Learning for in-depth training.

Overview: Enterprise Data Management – Pluralsight

You will cover the many facets of data management in this course. First, you will understand data governance and why your business could benefit from a formalized governance strategy. Then you will learn more about database management and data development in the next step.

You will complete this course with a thorough understanding of enterprise data management, including its importance, the roles played by various disciplines, and the steps needed to establish a data-driven culture within your organization.

Learning about data governance – Linkedin

In this course, Dr. Jonathan Reichental provides an accessible introduction to data governance and guides you towards understanding its benefits, implementation, and role in compliance and risk management initiatives. Jonathan also discusses the function of data governance in cutting-edge technology areas including knowledge graphs, AI, and the Internet of Things. In the final section of the course, he offers suggestions for how companies should approach the administration, observation, and evaluation of data governance initiatives.

Data governanceUdemy

The Data Governance course on Udemy is an introductory course designed for beginners. However, business leaders who want to participate in the data game in the workplace should take this course. The 150-minute on-demand movie covers several topics, including data governance, popular frameworks, how to deploy them, framework features, and governance best practices. They will give a certificate to the students after the course.

Enterprise Data Management – edX

Data lakes contain raw/external datasets that can help you meet both well-known requests and unanticipated, less organized requests. It covers data integration, master data management, big data technologies, and data strategy and governance. This course aims to help students understand how to leverage operational data systems and assets, reconciled and scaled to full capacity in support of enterprise data management strategies and data analytics.

Manage governance and complianceMicrosoft 365

This course, hosted by Microsoft, is one of the most in-depth options, with a duration of four hours. The instructor, Liam Cleary, has been recognized as Microsoft Master Trainer and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. This course prepares them for the Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (MS-101) test, specifically the Managing Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance section. This course explores Microsoft 365 governance and compliance tools and capabilities, asking students use these resources to ensure the security of their data while complying with legal and regulatory requirements for content lifecycle management. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Azure Information Protection are two other recommended settings, as suggested by Cleary.