Data: SMART data governance to unlock the value of the digital bank

Data analytics in banking, financial services and insurance market size is expected to reach USD 86.68 billion in 2027 and register a CAGR of 27.7%. Now is the time for banks to leverage their unique ability to collect data and use insights to create an exceptional personalized experience.

Winners of this space will leverage SMART data governance to improve data reliability to understand customer behavior, how consumers prefer to use products or services, enable personalized offers, and reflect contextual needs in time. real.

Many financial institutions have made significant investments in their enterprise-wide data governance programs based on regulatory-focused responses, but still view data governance investments as cost centers that could not be linked to direct value performance and financial indicators.

SMART data governance goes beyond compliance-driven governance and focuses on the intersection of data governance, data and analytics, customer experience, content and digital technologies. This panel will discuss how SMART data governance can enable financial institutions to become a data-centric organization that will unlock the value of digital banking.