Data governance

A good data governance program ensures that data is consistent and reliable by effectively managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data used in an organization.

Concretely, data governance in the Human Brain project includes several groups responsible for developing, approving, organizing and implementing policies, procedures and standards for the most effective use of structured and unstructured data. structures of the Human Brain project.

Data governance is essentially a strategy. It is a set of formal processes that ensure that data is properly managed: how information is generated, stored, used, retained, etc. In a legal context, data governance includes the control and oversight of related policies, standards and procedures, with effective oversight. managed by a regulatory group.

In other words, it combines strategies and information, focusing on data confidentiality, quality and integrity and helping the RAP meet regulatory requirements. Ultimately, this ensures that the data serves the purposes of the Human Brain Project in an ethical and legal manner so that it can maximize the potential of the data.