Data governance

Cloudera shares tips on good data governance

Data privacy regulations are constantly changing, which challenges companies as they seek to integrate data analytics into their day-to-day operations. A wrong decision could lead to heavy fines for a company, as well as operational problems. But enterprise data cloud company Cloudera says it has a fix:

“Our security and governance protocol, which we call SDX, allows us to have very fine-grained access control. You can have geo-location and time-based access control,” said Cloudera’s Nadeem Asghar, VP of Global Cloud Solutions Engineering and Field CTO at Cloudera.

The Cloudera Data Platform serves as the building block for developers and enterprises to analyze and store data in a multi-cloud environment. The SDX offering is integrated into this platform, where it enforces consistent IT policies across the analytics landscape and across all clouds. The solution does this by tagging metadata, Asghar said.

“That policy goes with the dataset, so whatever policy you set up, all of those controls go through the policies. And the best part is if a customer decides to move from on-premises cloud to public cloud , this policy goes hand in hand,” Asghar added.

The offering is particularly attractive to customers in areas such as finance, according to Cloudera partner Andy Smith of Talend.

“We are working with Ariba,” said Andy Smith, director of Talend Global Systems Integrator and Global Technology Alliances. “Ariba works in the financial services industry, so their main drivers were around governance, so they needed to make sure they were GDPR and PCDISS compliant, and to do that effectively and get a full customer 360 [degree] vue, we have partnered with Cloudera to provide this solution.

This comes as data insights increasingly become the fuel for a company’s growth strategy and customer success. But as more employees and their customers exchange data in different places, more regulations could come into play.

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