BCMstrategy, Inc. Launches Data Tools to Measure and Manage Exposure to Monetary Policy Volatility

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Measuring monetary policy volatility

Monetary policy volatility measured, so you can manage it

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The toolkit expands access to language-derived public policy data beyond existing digital currency volatility, climate, banking and trade policy signals

Rising inflation means markets need better tools to measure and manage exposures to monetary policy volatility; objective macroVS1 data provides clarity and saves time for strategy development. »

—Barbara C. Matthews

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — BCMstrategy, Inc. today announced the release of Monetary Policy volatility signals (“macroVS1“) to support pre-trade analysis and decisions. Currently available as charts and PDFs on the Bloomberg Terminal via {APPS PLCY}, the quantitative and structured language data will now be available for strategists, economists in chief executives, research directors, analysts, and quantum portfolio managers via automated and customizable API flows.Dedicated dashboards powered by company data are available upon request.

“Intensifying inflation means markets need better tools to measure and manage exposures to monetary policy volatility. Our objective macroVS1 data and signals provide clarity and save time for the strategy development,” said Barbara C. Matthews, Founder and CEO of BCMstrategy, Inc. “The data generated by our patented technology enables strategic finance professionals to clearly and quickly see which issues are gaining momentum, no matter how loud the news cycle gets

With a strong foundation in political science and law, award-winning multifactor time series data offers next-generation risk management and research tools for financial market professionals. BCMstrategy, Inc. uses over 9 layers of proprietary analytical automation to convert verbal data into components that capital markets can use to measure and manage public policy risk: multifactor, objective, quantitative, time-series data (measuring theoretical volumes of public policy activity). Companies that already use automated institutional newsfeeds can additionally access organized and structured language data of the company (the underlyings). Third party backtesting Company data demonstrates high correlations with market volatility, often with more than 7 days notice of market volatility. The macroVS1 data stream provides quantitative and verbal data dedicated exclusively to monetary policy formation.

“An unprecedented number of structural changes in the global economy are widening the scope of issues that central banks take into account when trying to rein in inflation. Pandemic-related changes in aggregate demand and disruptions in the supply chain are amplified by geopolitical conflict, a pivot to a carbon-neutral economy, and a move toward increasingly digital payments and currencies,” said Ms. Matthews. BCMstrategy, Inc. provides structured linguistic data alongside to quantitative data to accelerate the formation of insights into political trajectories.” Strategists, analysts, research managers, and quantum portfolio managers can begin using data alerts and signals immediately to make better decisions based on on data regarding potential risks and opportunities in a challenging and historic times for the fixed income and currency markets,” said Ms. Matthieu.

About BCMstrategy, Inc.: BCMstrategy, Inc. helps portfolio managers, risk managers, and geopolitical strategists make better, faster strategic decisions with cutting-edge technology. BCMstrategy, Inc. generates objective and ethical alternative data derived from the language of public policy using over 9 layers of patented analytical automation. Backtests show that quantitative data helps portfolio managers, financial market strategists and risk managers anticipate policy-induced market volatility. Committed to ethical data sourcing, the company generates quantitative data for more than 190 technical terms of the monetary policy lexicon from a wide range of publicly available inputs. It also sources linguistic data from high-quality, verified media sources under data mining licenses with its strategic partner Dow Jones and ThomsonReuters.

Charts, graphs and PDF documents are already available to Bloomberg Terminal users through the company’s V3 application {APPS PLCY }. Recent awards include: NATO Innovation Hub Challenge (finalist, 2020); G20/BIS TechSprint Challenge (Finalist, 2021).

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Introducing macroVS1: Measuring Monetary Policy Volatility